Job Requirements:

1.Responsible for laser related design

2.Evaluate and solve technical problems arising from the mould design, injection molding, provide onsite technical services for production and coordination.

3.Provide technical support for sales department, such as difficulty of assessing project, feasibility and correspondence of technical problems with customers


1. Industrial Product Design, Mold Design or related major, college degree or above

2. More than two years experience in mold design, familiarity with mould structure is preferred.

3. Skilled in using #d and 2D software, such as UG, 3D Max, Photoshop, CorelDraw, AI and Rhino: understanding surface modeling is preferred (presently our designers primarily use: Rhino, Maya, 3D Max and UG)

4. Strong coordination and communication ability

5. Serious, responsible and precise, good teamwork and communication abilities

6. Fluent in both written and oral English

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