Electroless Nickel- Teflon Coating- Providing Solutions to Improve Injection Efficiency

TRIBOCOATTM is a proven leader in electrolysis, composite, metal coating technology. This innovative product, developed by STANDEX ENGRAVING GROUP, is the result of an extensive research effort to provide an electrolysis Nickel-Teflon, composite coating and performs more effectively in use. The thinnest part of the coating can reach 2.5μm,which can cover evenly on the complex cavity surface.

Electrolysis plating: The depth of coating is identical
owning to the uniform sedimentation velocity.

Eelctro plating: The depth of coating is not even
owning to the inequity of electric current.

The hardness of steel mold coating can reach HRC62 after heat treatment; while the hardness of the aluminum mold coating can only reach HRC36.The dry friction coefficient can be reduced to 95% after coating treatment.Can be used in most of the mold cavity and other movable parts.

Benefit For Injection Mold Technique

Reduce the clamping force, and save the machine cost
Reduce the filling time and pressure maintaining time
Save the injection molding cycle to improve productivity
Make the plastic easier to demold without release agent to reduce the rejection ratio
Solve such problems as high viscosity and difficult liquidity of raw material.
Reduce the high mold temperature of polished products and shorten the cooling time

Before coating: difficult to fill in the bellmouth orifice, and tend to be mold sticking

After coating: Easy to fill in the bellmouth orifice, and no mold sticking

Benefit for mold design and maintenance:

※ Improve the wear resistance to the mold surface to improve the mold lifespan

※ Improve the corrosion resistance and inoxidizablity of mold surface

※ Product and mold design more flexible (thin shell and rib structure) owning to the easy filling of plastics

※ The coating of movable parts is characterized with anti-rust and self-lubricating performance.

※ Only 50/50 ammonium hydroxide and air rifle are needed to clean the coated mold cavity and no need to take anti-rust measure, which simplifies the maintenance process.

Before coating: the surface wear out and easy to sticky to the mould after mass production.

After coating: good wear resistance, smooth surface, and easy to demould.

The Coating Production Line in Mold Tech China

※ Mold-Tech China imported coating production line in Sep. 2011

※ The largest size of mould for coating:1500x1200x1200

※ The maximum weight of mould for coating is 5T.

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