Unlimited Possibilities for individual 3D textures

The laser technology can offer unparalleled possibilities for the design of your parts, freeing you to discover more creativity in three dimensions for different material and work piece sizes. We enable your independence, individuality, know-how and innovative spirit.

The 5-axis laser texturing of geometrically defined surface structures in free form surfaces offers new, almost unlimited design possibilities for the production of injection tools for mould making. With our laser technology we enable you to produce texturizing, engraving, micro structuring, marking and labeling of 2D geometries right through to complex 3D geometries. Laser engraving enables individualization of products and compared to conventional surface treatment using etching processes, offers economic, ecological and design advantages.

Laser technology highlights

Feasibility of individual demanding 3Dtextures in free-form surfaces of injection moulds.

Optimizing texture distortions (from one to the next part)

Possible integration of more than2 gloss levels

Perfect transition between two different textures

Possibility of texturing prototypes (depending on material)

The high level of machine accuracy enables excellent contour precision and optimum reproducibility when laser machining.

High dynamic, temperature-monitored precision scanner.

Fiber laser of up to 200W; further option of different focal lengths

Contour- parallel laser shaping: Laser focus follows the 3D contour of the part.

The integrated, digital process chain

Idea: honeycomb structure

IGES of 3D tool mould

Homo generous transfer of the texture to the mould

3D simulation of the laser machining program

5-axis laser texturing of the surface structure

Process highlights

Integration of digital chemical industry chain: Concept - texture design - texture injection molding
Normalized texture database, which can realize the sharing of global texture resources

Finished texture injection molding

Tool steel, graphite, cemented carbide, CBN, PCD, ceramics, titanium, aluminum, brass, bronze,silver,gold

Advantages of laser technology

International most advanced laser equipment

Top technical talent

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