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Company Introduction

Standex Engraving Group is affiliated with Standex International Corp listed on NYSE. Standex Engraving, founded in 1955 and headquarted in the US, is a wold-leading texture development enterprise. Mold-Tech is a subsidiary of Standex Group, and has set up more than 33 texturing facilities globally in America, Singpore, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, England, Japan, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Norway, Spain, Portugal, and Czech Repblic.

In 2003 Mold-Tech entered the China market. The first facility was established in Dongguan, Guangdong Province. Since then Mold-Tech China has rapidly expanded and there are currently six production facilities in China: Mold-Tech Dongguan, Mold-Tech Suzhou, Mold-Tech Tianjin, Mold-Tech Xiamen, Mold-Tech Chongqing and Mold-Tech Wuhan to provide customers’ texturing needs.

Mold-Tech China constantly integrates the most advanced equipment and techniques from Europe and The United States. In 2009 Mold-Tech China imported the first Digital Transfer Technology (DTT) machine, which was developed and exclusively owned by the Mold-Tech group. It can print dimensions of 1100mm*1800mm to help avoid seam lines on larger molds and keep all patterns globally consistent. In 2013 Mold-Tech China imported it’s first 5-axis laser engraving unit, which was a remedy to the limitation of traditional chemical etching. In 2014 the Asia Pacific Architexture Studio was established in Suzhou, which innovated in the “texture design” concept and now customers are not limited to only the choice of existing textures. Designers from the Architexture Studio create exclusive textures representative of personality and brand value, taking product position and the OEM’s style perferece into consideration. In 2015 Mold-Tech China started production of Nickel Shell slush skin to cater for the iterative production requirement of Automobile OEMs on interior parts. In 2016 Mold-Tech China introduced the RTP, a high definition 3D printing machine which can create a texture from design file to a physical result. This means that not only the design cycle is significantly shortened, but also brings the inspiration of the designer more closely interactive communication.

Mold-Tech China has developed long-term stratigic partnerships in both the auto and non-auto industries and established its leading position in the engraving industry with state-of-the-art quality and superior after-sales service. Cooperating OEMs: Volkswagen, BMW, Great Wall, Changan, DPCA, SAIC, FCA, Honda, Toyota, Joyoung, Supor, Apple, DELL, Zebra, XiaoMi, Haier and many other internationally well-known enterprises.

  • 1955Established in 1955
  • 22Cover 22 countries
  • 3030 plus facilities

Opex Management System starts in Mold-Tech China
Mold-Tech Wuhan plant established
Mold-Tech China Marketing Department is established in Suzhou

Mold-Tech China stars production of Nickel Shell slush skin

Asia Pacific Architexture is established in Suzhou

Mold-Tech Chongqing plant is established
Mold-Tech China imported it’s first 5-axis laser engraving unit

Mold-Tech Xiamen plant is established

Mold-Tech Tianjin plant is established

Mold-Tech China imported the first Digital Transfer Technology (DTT) machine

Mold-Tech Suzhou plant is established

Mold-Tech enters China, first plant is established in Dongguan

Company Culture
  • Gratitude

    Be grateful to Life, who will bestow glorious sunshine on you in return

  • Persistence

    Stand by your convictions; the desire to accomplish goal
    and consistent persistence are greatest wealth for everyone.

  • Dream

    Drop enough to wear a stone, not because it is powerful
    but it keeps dripping day and night.

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