Render Tech was an inevitable trend that solves the bottleneck problems of geometric texture. If a geometric pattern is applied on a complicated or curved surface, the pattern will be deformed caused by the stretch of the film. MT Render-Tech can keep any pattern seamless by adjusting the digital data and printing process.

Production Process
1.Customers will be requested to provide the 3D files (preferably IGS) of the tool cavity
2.Mesh file triangulation preparation
3.Standex developed proprietary software that allows us to unfold and make cuts with perfect matching lines
Advantage of Render-Tech
Improve the adaptation of complex texture
Improve the consistency and integrity of texture
Shorten the etching cycle
Capable of simulating countless texture effects on product surfaces
Able to adjust texture flow in line with product
Capable of changing the texture pattern in line with the specific product structure

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