Model Tech

According to customers’ demand, we can make different texture scheme, then quickly to provide customers with prototype and plaques for reference or to confirm. This technique can reflect different sensory effects when different textures are applied on the same workpiece.

Mold-Tech developed Model-Tech® to give you the option to add texture directly to your model or prototype parts, thereby accurately simulating a textured production part.

Model-Tech® allows for the marketing and design evaluation of decorated parts in "real world" format, with detail so precise that Model-Tech® is being used for advertising photo shoots, automotive show parts and assemblies, and customer feed-back evaluations!

Mold-Tech possesses the largest texture database worldwide, from which all of the textures can be applied in the Model Tech. It is optional if customers would like to develop brand-new texture for their products. All of the texture can present in different colors.

Texture depth ranges from 15micron to 250 micron.
Can be applied on the RPP.

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